New Merchandise

As the UPS and FEDEX trucks keep rolling through dropping box after box off it must be that time of the year, the time to kick off your shoes and snow boots, and grab the flipflops. Don’t have any flipflops? Well don’t worry, we have you covered with our wide selection of YellowBox, Sketchers, Volatile, and corkys. come check out the stores and get your hands on our new arrivals! The best merchandise moves quickly so the sooner you make it in the better….

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9 thoughts on “New Merchandise

  1. I was recently in your store (this previous weekend). I got the cutest white watch with rhinestones. You had several colors to chose from……do you guys ship? GREAT store.

  2. Gael,
    Stopping by to see you in the next couple of days. I am leaving Rachael in charge of the bank and taking a couple of well needed days off. Can’t wait to see your store.

    Shelley Baker

    • Hi Shelley:  Glad you are going to come see us.  Bring your dawn for your feet.  Seriously not kidding. They are cleaning the water’s edge as fast as they can but you’ll probably still want to wash your feet after walking near the water.  Glad you’re not afraid to come.  You’ll pretty much have the beach to yourself.  Unfortunately for us it’s like fall.  You’ll love less people though.

      See ya, Gael


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